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Woolway is a self-care Presbyterian Aged Care village located next to our church grounds. This wonderful complex is a ministry of MacChap, and while residents do not have to attend our church we love connecting with the residents and their families.

Woolway is a self-care retirement home, with 24 units in blocks of four, offering a prefect blend of privacy and companionship. There is a wonderful common room to help build community and provide a place for special functions and family gatherings. There is a mixture of single bedroom and two bedroom units, all of which can accommodate singles or couples. Each unit has its own kitchen and bathroom. There is a shared laundry for residents. There is regular maintenance on the buildings and gardens. Whilst only a small complex, residents are able to take advantage of the lovely gardens and quiet atmosphere.

If you are interested in finding out more about Woolway please email us.

Woolway Sign on Brick Wall