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Bible Reading Plan

As we take God’s light into God’s world it is important that we know what and why we believe in God’s message of truth and grace. Reading the Bible regularly will help you gain both an understanding and an appreciation of God and his relationship with his creation! Our 2014 Bible Reading Plan is a helpful way for you to grow in your own relationship with Jesus.  You can be flexible in how you use it, but be sure to develop a healthy habit of spending daily time with God. At the very least – have a go – God might surprise you!

The booklet below will outline readings for each day of the year. You could use these in your small group or meet with someone to read and share together.

Download the MacChap Bible Reading Plan


If you are looking for a different reading plan the website Bible Gateway has a number of Bible reading plans. You can access them by clicking below.

Bible Gateway's Reading Plan


The introduction of our Bible reading plan mentions a great article from Dr Christopher J. H. Wright, who is that International Director of the Langham Partnership International. His article “Truth with a Mission: Reading All Scripture Missiologically” can be accessed by clicking below.

Download Dr Wright's Article