9:30am Service, Sunday 17th January 2021, on-line:

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4:00pm Service, Sunday 17th January 2021, on-line:

6:30pm Service, Sunday 17th January 2021, on-line:

Recorded Service: /resources/service-videos/

Dear Church!

There is one change from last week due to the new restrictions that come into force tonight.  If you are on-site for church tomorrow, please wear a mask. The only difference from last week is Gladys is no longer asking you to wear a mask. She is telling you to!

Dave – 2nd January 2021

The rules and requests around attending churches have changed slightly. We are still going to be offering a live stream or Zoom service at both Christmas services but we are also happy for people to attend church in person. Please understand if you attend:

  1. You will have to “sign in” as usual and we will be using the 1 person per 4 metre seating rules.
  2. You should be completely well and not in a high-risk group.
  3. You should not have attended any of the areas / venues where recent cases of COVID have occurred. Please see https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates#latest-covid-19-case-locations-in-nsw for the details of these places.
  4. You need to wear a mask, (we will be providing some).
  5. You should not sing.

Above all else, if we ever needed a Christmas to remember the difference our saviour coming made to us, surely this is it.

He came as an illegitimate child to a young couple from an oppressed people, away from home, who were unable to obtain accommodation, in a dirty stable and was born into what looked like a really uncertain life and was hunted from childhood and whilst all that is true, God was utterly in control.

All our lives have looked a lot less secure this year in just about every way, but God is still utterly in control.

And for us (and all the world) a saviour has been born, praise God!

Dave – 24th December 2020

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All four services are held at:

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Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions the MacChap services are both onsite and online with the exception of the 8:30am service which is available online or via home delivered CDs and DVDs.

Please phone the office on 9878 8048 and leave a message if you’d like a service CD or DVD left on your doorstep.

Upcoming Events

Food Aid to

Resident Uni Students

Each Thursday in October and November 2020 you are invited to help pack and/or deliver food hampers to those residential Macquarie University students struggling during COVID-19.

This Help In Ryde initiative is one of those to come from Together for Ryde group of churches.  Please visit the Help In Ryde site…

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