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Leadership and Staff

Leadership at MacChap

At MacChap we are blessed with men, women, girls, and boys who are willing to use the gifts and talents God has given them. We firmly believe that as a community we are all called to serve God and build up His church.

As a community we want to live with integrity in our personal lives and in our relationships. To reflect this commitment, all those who serve in ministries of MacChap sign the Presbyterian Church’s Code of Conduct which forms part of through their “Breaking the Silence” policies.

Our Pastoral Staff

Our pastoral staff serve MacChap throughout the week and on Sundays. They are involved in all aspects of our church life and also serve with a specific focus.

Our staff are:

Rev David Woolcott

Senior Minister

Juli Secker

Pastor (with special focus on Children & Families ministries as well as Administration)

Chi Un

Youth and Young Adults Pastor

Sharon West

Administration Assistant (with special focus on our Connecting and Caring ministries as well as being the Receptionist in the Ministry Centre and Woolway)

Cindy Cheung

Administration Assistant (supporting our Administration and Woolway Ministries)

Throughout the week we are also blessed with volunteers in the Ministry Centre including:

Anne Supporting our worship in music teams
Karin Supporting in general office admin