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Committee of Management

This group, in co-operation with the staff and under God’s authority, manage the ministries and mission of our church and the Property and Finance of the whole parish. While this team has a central coordinating role, the great bulk of ministry at our church continues in the many teams and individuals involved in a wide variety and ever expanding range of ministry in our church.

This group normally meets on the third Monday night of each month. If you would like to raise an agenda item with the Management Committee please contact Dave Woolcott or Guy Martin at least two weeks before their meeting.

The team is:

Dave Woolcott Chairman, Senior Minister
Derek Collins 8:30am service
Peter Graham 8:30am service
Tim Neal 10:30am service
Mica Haynes 10:30am service
Ying Radnidge Treasurer, 10:30am service
Irene Tedjasaputra 4:00pm service
Daryl Osborne 6:30pm service
Mat Rees 6:30pm service
Guy Martin Secretary, 6:30pm service


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