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The Session (Elders Team)

This group’s responsibility is to govern the church, under God’s authority. This team is coordinated by the Clerk, and Assistant Clerks, and seeks to clarify vision and mission, develop policy, initiate pastoral care, handle relations with the wider Presbyterian church, oversee child protection and set biblical standards.

This group normally meets on the first Monday night of each month. If you would like to raise an agenda item with the Session please contact Rohan Benn at least two weeks before their meeting.

Key Verse

Submit to one another out of reverence to Christ.

Ephesians 5:21

Executive Elder

Name Service
Rohan Benn, Session Clerk 6:30pm service

Church Elders

Name Service
Jim Hull 8:30am service
Rachel Mottau 8:30am service
Derek Collins 8:30am service
Andrew Haynes 10:30am service
Adele Crane 6:30pm service
Nathain Secker 6:30pm service
Ken Harrison 6:30pm service
Bruce Cantrill 6:30pm service