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Easter Christian Interactive Art Exhibition

The churches in the Together For Ryde collective will be hosting an interactive artwork installation in order to share the Easter story in the community. Live productions and art displays were previously hosted by Ryde Baptist on Good Friday but, this year, talks are underway with management at Top Ryde Shopping Centre to exhibit for the week before Easter, and then at Ryde Baptist on Good Friday.

We open the event to Christian artists from the Together For Ryde churches, including the congregation of Macquarie Chapel Presbyterian Church. We would love to invite you to consider contributing an artwork.

The theme for the exhibition is “Faces of Love” which will explore a number of aspects of the love of Jesus that are displayed in the Easter story. These aspects will be explored in separate, but linked, areas to create a “station of the cross” type journey experience.

In addition to an exhibition on Good Friday at Ryde Baptist, our aim is for the artworks to also be displayed in a public space in the Ryde / Macquarie Park area, ideally at one of the two major shopping centres, in the form of a pop-up art installation in the week leading up to Easter.


One of the strengths of the previous displays was the variety of art forms including:

  • photography,
  • painting,
  • sculpture,
  • videography,
  • poetry, and
  • dance and music,

so whatever the medium we would love to have a conversation about how you could contribute to this project. Our hope is to create an immersive experience that engages multiple senses and encourages participants to engage and respond.

In addition to traditional media, we are seeking creative ways that encourage people to interact with the art and the story.


Artworks will be displayed together with other works of similar theme. Artworks could represent the title ‘Faces of Love’ or preferably one of the themes for a station.  The themes we hope will be represented at each station are:

  • Restoration/Reconciliation,
  • Acceptance,
  • Unity,
  • Peace, and
  • Sacrifice.

Each of these themes aims to show an aspect of Jesus’ love from the Passion and Easter story.


Following are some examples of previous artworks/installations:

Past Photo Gallery

Video – 2018 Display:

Video – 2017 Stations of the Cross:


If you would like to have your artwork for sale, we can include a price in the catalogue of artworks and provide you contact details to potential buyers. You will need to arrange the transaction yourself. In lieu of a commission we would ask for a donation to the Salvation Army  or Horizons Family Law Centre (a community partner that embodies Jesus’ love to those who require affordable legal services).

Expressions of Interest

If you have an artwork that you would like us to consider including in the display, a proposal for an artwork that you would like to create, or have any further questions then please contact the MacChap office and the staff can put in touch with the exhibit’s curator.

Contact the Office