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Site Building Project

Update June 2017

Three (3) Quotations have been received for Stage 1 of the Building Project. The quotations are for the new building work and do not include the cost of painting the ceiling of the Church and new carpeting of the Church.  Two further firms have to the end of the month to submit their quotations.

The quotes that have arrived are much higher in price than anticipated, so are needing to seek MacChap congregational approval for an increase in spending on the project from the previous $350 000, to now $500 000.

Peter J. Graham, OAM, Session Clerk


  • May 2017: The first footing trench was dug then covered for safety reasons.The site was inspected by the Certifier & he confirmed the work was ‘substantially commenced’, thus preserving our Development Application. He lodged report of this to Council.
  • April 2017: Two trees have been cut down and mulched. The mulch is being stored on site for re-use in the MacChap gardens. We can look forward to our youth replanting after the build is done. Pole installed for new, up-to-date, electrical wiring for the whole MacChap site.
  • The design of the extension to the church was finalised by the management committee & session in July.
  • Approval to proceed was given by you, the congregation in August and detailed design, contracts ect. commenced following that approval
  • This design was sent to our design consultants to prepare plans
  • A copy & briefing outline also went to an electrical consultant for power supply and lighting design
  • All documents including the works contract & scope of work was sent to Presbytery & the Presbyterian Trustees – for final church internal approvals of work and our funding and congregational plans for the work.
  • All is now in place so tender documents have been issued. 8 builders were invited to express interest in doing the work. 4 replied and of these 4, 2 have already visited site and are now preparing their quote for the work.
  • As our DA expires in mid April work on the extension of the church must start before Easter this year. Yes time is now short.
  • I encourage you to look at the information pack (available in on this page) before asking questions.

The pack shows:

  • what the extended church will look like
  • describes what we are doing
  • provides some drawing information prepared for the project
  • has information on the type of roof to be installed & the type of folding door panels to be installed in the 2 new external walls & wall between the church worship space & the extension.
  • shows what part of our property we will give up to the builder so they can do this work
  • also included is some critical maintenance we need to have done – paint church cross/ replace damaged gutters & fascias on the high roof section/ price replacement of asbestos sheeting to the church entry awning soffit/ replace the damaged support frame at the North end of the church awning roof.

There will be problems during the building work, no doubt.

It will be uncomfortable while the work happens. Things will not be what we are used to.

We will not have a toilet in the church while the building work is in progress.

The crèche and baby room/ meeting room will not be there until the work is completed. All the things we store in those rooms will need a new home (including the coffee cart) while the building work is in progress.

Also we will be sharing the site with building activity, delivery trucks, building trades people & their vehicles.

So if you use the church property during the week between the hours of 7:00am & 7:00pm or on Saturday between 8:00am & 4:00pm expect things to be very different & you may not be able to drive onto site & most likely you will not be able to park in your favourite parking spot. You may be told not to park in the main church parking area at all as a concrete truck or steel delivery is about to occur.

This period will not be long and the finished extension, I am sure will be well worth the small period of discomfort.

I trust you will continue to pray for the project team & for all of us as we now embark on this major task and raising the funds to pay for it.

If I can help you with anything re the technical part of the work please send me an email.

Daryl –

Please click here to view the Congregation Information Pack.